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Quality Over Something

If I'm being honest I don't really know what I'm doing. With this whole business thing and all. My site has been up for a few weeks and I've got no sales. Well, I've gotten no sales from online. The sales that I have gotten have been from people that know me and have seen my products in real life. I think I need to change how I get my business out there. I recently acquired a shot out on Instagram. Also, I've as I was fixing some problems with the site I came to the realization that I need to make my products and convince customers that their money is worth this thing I am providing them. With Covid-19 making social distancing mandatory working on short films and shows has been a bit difficult, that being said I am working on writing a script for a show working on. The show is a comedy about a pizza shop and minimum wage workers. Most of the stories will be based on my time while working at my first job. I often think about the guys I worked with and how their personalities made working so much better. I am currently working on a big project with a new product. The new jackets I'm making will be super high quality. This does mean they will be the most expensive items in the store, but this product will be well worth the price. Depending on pricing and such to make the jackets as "premium" as possible I might ship them in custom boxes meant only for those jackets. If my customers are going to be paying a good amount of money(certainly still affordable ) I want to make sure they get the best experience buying from Shiplabi Studios. With that, I've also added a way to give away to reward customers for shopping at my online shop. offering free shipping if they spend $100 or more. I did the math and it would save the customer money on shipping because, well it's free. The customer would also have all of their money going to the products themselves and not the price of getting the product to their house.

I don't have much else to say other than more content is being worked on because I want it to be well worth people's time and money. I know my thoughts were not really organized but I'll try and work on that, as well as get a new blog post up by next week.

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