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A Late Night Early Moring

As I sit here the current time is 5 am. I haven't gone to bed yet, but when I do I'll probably be asleep for many hours. I need a better sleep schedule for sure, but I'm often hit with bursts of creativity and drive late at night! I often have my best ideas late at night. This post isn't long or anything but I figured I put something. I will end this post buy saying this, if you want something, go out and get it. The only thing truly stopping you, is you! I honestly don't know how successful Shiplabi Studios is going to be, but I don't think I could live with myself if I didn't try!

I don't know how often I will create posts on here, but I will try my best to post once a week with updates about myself and Shiplabi Studios!

Be sure to check the rest of the site and all the social medias. At the moment we only have socials for The Shiplabi Show, but very soon(as of date of typing this) there will be profiles for exclusive Shiplabi Studios content.

As always sit back and create something


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